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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

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We deliver innovative, healthy and cost-efficient solutions that are easily controlled, maintained and support energy and carbon reduction targets.

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Power Systems

For clients needing large-scale power supply, our systems specialists provide AC power systems up to and including 66kV including the initial concept and feasibility studies, detailed design, specification and commissioning.

Power System

Architectural Lighting

Referred to as the fourth dimension of architecture, lighting creates powerful experiences and reinforces creative concepts. Through the combination of creativity and technical illumination, we can make a space more inviting, energy-efficient, safer and healthier.

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Architectural Lightning
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Forensic Engineering

Using our decades of design experience we investigate the cause and origin of failures ranging from serviceability to the catastrophic and assist in tracing the process or procedure leading to the incident. Our understanding of building codes and standards enables us to analyze fire, smoke and flood damage and to make recommendations going forward and also to act as a Court Appointed Expert Witness.

Forensic Engineering


Our robust designs cover the complete electrical system including emergency and uninterruptible power systems to prepare you for any situation.

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Energy & Carbon

Understanding your ultimate goal is where our approach starts. Together, we can explore options that positively impact your built environment and business goals. We utilize data from assessments and energy models to build an infrastructure plan that reduces operating costs and carbon.

Energy & Carbon

Information, Communication
and Automation Technologies (ICAT)

As the nervous system of critical building functions, data and communication infrastructure must have the ability to integrate and expand with the changing needs of users. Our communication networks are designed to be robust, manageable and future-ready.

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We understand the unique challenges of northern community design and the need for strong project coordination, team communication and robust design to meet the challenges of isolated locations, extreme climates and the serviceability of critical systems.


Smart Buildings

Working closely with clients our team will create a smart building system that will gather data within your building and put it to work for you in an integrated, dynamic and functional platform.

Merging data platforms allows you to improve occupant safety, comfort and productivity and manage risk, improve reliability, increase system uptime, reduce energy use and decrease carbon emissions. Better understanding the data within your building, office or industrial facility will help you better plan future projects, right-size your facility and improve occupant wellness.

Tablet PC
Smart Buildings
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Property and asset security are more critical than ever. Security engineers integrate video, access control and alarm monitoring technologies into your network backbone, streamlining them for quick response times.


“Smaller projects are challenging because of constraints on time and approach. These projects are just as satisfying to us as the mega projects because we have to find a completely new way to approach the solution.”
– Chris Hewitt

President, SMS Engineering

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