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About Us

Nearly 6 Decades of Ingenuity and Excellence


We're experienced in the difficult.

Founded nearly six decades ago with a commitment to deliver an elevated client experience, SMS Engineering provides a full-service project delivery from design to contract administration with experienced team members from all over the globe. 

Although the years have brought much change with increased technology, emerging specialisms and quickening delivery times, our ability to deliver solutions that meet our ever-changing clients' needs today and take them into the future remains.

How We Roll

We’re curious about solving problems and truly care about our clients. We provide solutions that meet your engineering needs as well as your business requirements --- both technical and financial --- and excel at delivering exceptional results by sometimes utilizing the newest technology and other times, by keeping things massively simple and practical.

Showing you design possibilities that you may not have even considered gets us excited. Because we are outstanding listeners, we are able to present our clients with options that they thought were outside their reach.

Why Work With Us

From complex projects to renovations on tight budgets, we meet them head-on and most importantly, at the core of it all, we deliver what our clients need and want most:
Peace of Mind. 

Our Ideal Client Is Open-Minded

At SMS, we're born to work with open-minded people who value excellence, ingenuity, accountability and peace-of-mind and who care about creating long-term relationships based on respect and trust. 

We're a trusted advisor and we have a knack for getting you excited about what otherwise might have been a grudge purchase - we show you possibilities. 

We're very attentive to details and we commit to nothing less than quality craftsmanship supported by a high level of coordination. 

Our Story of Nearly 6 Decades


Ray Scouten, Bill Mitchell and Dennis Sigurdson formed Scouten, Mitchell, Sigurdson & Associates Limited, a mechanical consulting engineering firm. Initially, staff was comprised of the personnel of the Winnipeg office of H.H. Angus and Associates Limited, Toronto, and the senior mechanical engineering staff of Green Blankstein Russell Associates, Winnipeg.


Meet Our
Diverse & Talented Team


What Makes Us The #1 Engineering Firm To Work With?

We’re passionate about becoming the #1 most ingenious, trusted and sought-after consulting engineering firm in Canada. The best talent in the world seeks us out as we are the most progressive, credible & loved as a result of our ability to: 

  1. Attract remarkably unique and complex projects

  2. Provide an empowering and supportive culture

  3. Offer valuable mentorship and ongoing training to accelerate growth.


We’re recognized as the go-to firm, specializing in complex planning and design projects for innovative commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and healthcare facilities. 


Our authentic, kind, yet non-BS approach allows our clients, our team and our peers to evolve the way they think and feel about the engineers, because after all, without engineers, nothing would work and ideas would simply remain ideas. 

We want to be remembered for building a wildly successful brand that has had and continues to have a positive ripple effect in the communities that we work in. Leaving a footprint of excellence, innovation and ingenuity. 

At SMS, we passionately commit to delivering:

Let’s put it this way: Excellence is our starting point. We demand nothing less of ourselves, our partners and our work. As engineers, we're born to sweat the details to ensure results that make life better for everyone.

Innovation runs in our blood. We never stop thinking to combine leading-edge ideas with practical, effective and life-changing solutions.

If you can dream it, we can figure out how to create it. Everything we do stems from our ingenuity as we make the impossible, possible, every single day.


"We're not your typical engineers.
The amount of technology in the systems we design is unbelievable. We're proud of our flexibility in adapting to our
ever-changing industry”
– Chris Hewitt

President, SMS Engineering

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