University of Manitoba Engineering and Information Technology Complex

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Client:GBR Architects

Mechanical:$9.1 M

Project value:$49.8 M


Integration of the renovations of existing building areas with a new 440,000 square-foot addition resulted in unique construction phasing requirements. Through the integrated design process, many mechanical building systems were tabled for consideration. The diverse use of space required the selection of systems which provide optimum flexibility for current and future use.

High outdoor air ventilation rates ensure excellent indoor air quality, while several design features deliver minimized energy use. Mechanical systems implemented for optimization of building operation include variable air volume systems, space indoor air quality monitoring and reset of ventilation air rates, variable speed pumping systems, heat recovery systems, connection to the Campus energy recuperator system, manifolded supply air systems allowing equipment shut-down based on load demand, and direct digital central control system.