Southport Aviation Training Centre

Southport, Manitoba

Client:Daniel Johnson Architect

Electrical:$1.4 MMechanical:$2.4 M

Project value:$3.8 M


Allied Wings offers full military flight training to the Department of National Defence through the Contracted Flying Training and Support program at Southport, Manitoba.

Southport's infrastructure has been rebuilt to include new hangars, fuel tank farms and this state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot training complex.

Allied Wings operates out of a newly erected state-of-the-art training complex featuring six classrooms, 42 briefing rooms, two boardrooms, theatre, flight planning centre, fitness centre, reference library, ceremonies hall, flight simulators and top-notch flight training. The complex is wired for interactive training and distance learning.

Challenging aspects of the project were providing a consistent environment for the technologically advanced, high-fidelity flight simulators powered by a total of three data rooms. Alarmed controls and monitoring systems ensure consistency of environment.