Women's Correctional Centre

Headingley, Manitoba

Client:Number Ten Architectural Group

Electrical:$14.5 MMechanical:$9.5 M


This new 100-cell, low-to high-security women's correctional centre is designed to accommodate inmates in six distinct, single storey housing units.

The 120,000 square foot plan meets some of the highest environmental standards and features high-efficiency building systems equipment, a high-performance building exterior envelope, the use of some geothermal systems and careful attention to storm water management on the site. Daylight and light sensors are also used.

Details include two parallel 1500 kVA diesel generators with a 5 kV looped primary distribution. Unique security features include touch screen graphics on the door security control system, an IP based CCTV system and an alarm system on all perimeter fencing. UPS systems are included on key systems.

Expansion provisions will include the connection of a future 52-cell, general population wing to the main centre, as well as space within the security perimeter to accommodate approximately three separate and self-contained, minimum security housing units.